Romeo and juliet contradicting ideas

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Romeo and Juliet

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Juliet, OXYMORON because the word itself sweet and so are two contradicting ideas, it is also an oxymoron because they both know that the time they spent together was great but they need to go.

They both do not want to leave and Juliet thinks if she keep saying good night Romeo will have to stay. Romeo and Juliet is a play full of contrasts and deliberate design. The contrasts is seen through the oxymoron used within the play as themes to determine character traits or as part of the speeches in which the characters, especially the youths, seem to use.

Throughout Romeo and Juliet there are many contradictions. The play demonstrates both good and evil in people along with their love and hate. Shakespeare teaches that it is possible to do the impossible. Since they are enemy families it would be impossible for Romeo and Juliet to be together, but we learn that anything is possible.

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An oxymoron is a word or group of words that is self-contradicting, as in bittersweet or plastic glass. Oxymorons are often used in literature. Oxymorons are often used in literature. One famous example abounding with oxymorons is the following speech by Romeo from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet: Contradicting Ideas Romeo and juliet contradicting ideas
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