The idea of ancestry

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The Idea Of Ancestry - Poem by Etheridge Knight

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The Idea of Ancestry Themes

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The Idea of Ancestry

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I am all of them, they are all of me, I am me, they are you, and I have no people to float in the space between. “The Idea of Ancestry” is a forty-two-line poem in free verse divided into two parts of three and two stanzas, respectively.

The Idea Of Ancestry - Poem by Etheridge Knight

The Idea family name was found in the USA, and Canada between and The most Idea families were found in the USA inand Canada in.

Knight begins “The Idea of Ancestry” by explaining the pictures taped on his wall of his family members, expressing a sense of detachment from the rest of his clan for his thieving ways.

He mentions familial ties through names, an important cultural value which someone must live up to. The Idea Of Ancestry by Etheridge to the wall of my cell are 47 pictures 47 black faces my father mother grandmothers 1 dead grand fathers both dead brothers sisters uncles aunts.


The Idea of Ancestry Analysis

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“The Idea of Ancestry” is a forty-two-line poem in free verse divided into two parts of three and two stanzas, respectively. The title names the subject of the poem—the poet’s connection.

The idea of ancestry
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